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Do I need an alignment after replacing tires?

Tires are one of the most crucial parts of our vehicle, responsible for maintaining contact with the road and providing us with safety, stability, and comfort while driving. That’s why it’s essential to take care of them and replace them when necessary, whether due to wear, damage, or seasonal change.

However, when changing tires, a common question among drivers arises: Do I need an alignment after replacing tires? The answer isn’t as simple as it seems, as it depends on various factors such as the condition of the previous tires, the type of new tires, the type of vehicle, and the driving style. In this article, we’ll explain what alignment is, why it’s important, when it should be done, and where you can have it done professionally and affordably.

What is alignment and why is it important?

Alignment is the process of adjusting the angles of the vehicle’s wheels to make them parallel to each other and perpendicular to the ground. Alignment is important because it directly influences the vehicle’s behavior, tire wear, and fuel consumption.

With correct alignment, the vehicle moves straight and smoothly without vibrations or deviations. Tires wear evenly and last longer, while fuel consumption decreases by avoiding excessive tire friction with the road.

If alignment is incorrect, the vehicle moves irregularly and crookedly, with vibrations and deviations. Tires wear unevenly and deteriorate faster, while fuel consumption increases due to greater resistance to the vehicle’s forward movement.

When should alignment be done?

Alignment should be done periodically according to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations, usually every 10,000 or 15,000 kilometers. However, alignment should also be done when encountering any of the following situations:

When replacing tires: If the previous tires were unevenly worn, it’s likely that the alignment is off. Therefore, when changing tires, alignment should be checked and corrected to prevent the new tires from wearing out similarly and to maximize their performance.

When noticing symptoms of poor alignment: If the vehicle pulls to one side when releasing the steering wheel, if the steering wheel is crooked or vibrates, if strange noises are heard when turning, or if abnormal tire wear is observed, the alignment may be off. Therefore, it’s necessary to visit a specialized workshop to check and adjust the alignment to avoid major problems.

After experiencing an impact or collision: If the vehicle has suffered any wheel, suspension, or steering impact or collision, the alignment may have been altered. Therefore, the vehicle should be taken to a specialized workshop to check and adjust the alignment to prevent major problems.

When changing any component of the suspension or steering system: If any component of the suspension or steering system, such as shocks, springs, ball joints, or stabilizer bars, has been replaced or repaired, the alignment may have changed. Therefore, it’s necessary to verify and correct the alignment to ensure the vehicle’s proper operation and safety.

Where can alignment be done professionally and affordably?

If you need to align your vehicle, whether after replacing tires or for any other reason, we recommend visiting Flash Lube Miami, a trusted mechanical workshop offering the best alignment service in Miami. At Flash Lube Miami, you’ll find:

A team of qualified and experienced professionals who will assist you with kindness and efficiency, advising you on the condition and maintenance of your vehicle.

State-of-the-art equipment that allows precise and quick alignment with guaranteed and certified results.

A fair and competitive price that includes inspection, adjustment, and balancing of all four wheels, with no hidden charges or surprises.

Personalized and flexible service tailored to your needs and schedule, without the need for an appointment or unnecessary waiting.

Don’t hesitate any longer and visit Flash Lube Miami, the best place to align your vehicle in Miami. You’ll be surprised by the difference that proper alignment makes in your vehicle’s performance, savings, and safety. Additionally, at Flash Lube Miami, you can also enjoy other quality services such as oil changes, filter changes, battery replacements, brake replacements, spark plug replacements, and much more.

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